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Updated: 8/15/2014
WELCOME TO BAMADOG.COM! As most of you already know, my real name is Karl Hawsey. I am from Semmes, AL, (near Mobile) and I went to Mary G. Montgomery High School (Home of Ralph Staten, LB @ Alabama) and graduated #3 of 315 in 1990. There, I participated in the Viking Marching Band and was a huge Alabama fan all throughout high school. Unfortunately, for my entire high school career, Alabama never beat Auburn. I never had bragging rights... then came the Fall of 1990...

I attended the University of Alabama from August 1990 until May 1995. I received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, with minors in Computer Science and Math. I was in the Million Dollar Marching Band, where I was section leader for 2 years playing Mellophone. I was also in the Basketball Pep Band (Formerly, the Plaid Players, when Wimp Sanderson was there).
I went to 5 different bowl games while I was there, including the win over Miami to win the 1992 National Championship. All bowl games include the Fiesta('90), Blockbuster('91),Sugar('92),Gator('93), and Outback('94). Needless to say, I finally had bragging rights while I was a student - thanks, Gene Stallings! I was also a resident of the Mallet Assembly Men's Honors Dorm. It was pretty interesting to say the least. I stayed in the same room all that time and loved it, mainly because it was party city. ha ha The last 2 years I attended the University, I was the War Games champion of Mallet. You know those geeks shooting small darts with dart guns at everyone (playing) on campus in the spring - well, that was us.

Anyway, I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex a few short weeks after I graduated in May 1995 where I took a job with Ericsson, Inc. The first 2 years I was there, I was a software engineer - I wrote PLEX-C Code for the Ericsson AXE switch in the CMS8800 System (TDMA). After that, I moved on to Network Systems Deployment (within Ericsson) installing new Application Systems in Southwestern Bell and U.S. West. I did that for about 6 months, then started doing the same thing for wireless systems - GSM to be specific. Some of these customers include AT&T Wireless, and T-Mobile, and other mom-and-pop companies. After 15 years of working at Ericsson, I wanted to move back home so my son could grow up in BAMA COUNTRY. So in the infamous summer of 2011, we packed our bags as I took a job as a Prem Tech (installing/repairing U-Verse) at AT&T so I could get my foot in the door for bigger and better opportunities. That was also the year BAMADOG.COM was shut down due to my long working hours. 2 years later in July 2013 while on vacation in Destin, FL, I got a call from the Dispatch Center for the West Coast (based in Birmingham) that they wanted to bring me on as a manager. So I accepted, turned in my Home Dispatch U-Verse truck and moved up one rung on the totem pole. Thanks to Rick Miller for that great opportunity. Then 10 months later, I had another opportunity present itself as an RF Engineer in AT&T's Mobility division. That was my goal all along for moving to Alabama - 3 years later, here I am. It took a LONG time, and it was a lot of hard work...and quite the paycheck hit, but it was worth it in the end. With my new duties, I will try and keep BAMADOG.COM up and running in some capacity as long as my job doesn't require the time it has demanded in the past. Please bear with me as I get things rolling again.

BAMADOG.COM's ORIGIN: I started BAMADOG'S SPORTS PAGE back in September of 1995. It started because a friend of mine, Leland Baker, Owner of Leland's Gold & Diamonds, asked me if I could build him a website for his business. At the time, I had no clue, so I dug into the HTML documentation that I found on the web. Back then, there wasn't very much to learn... I figured out how to write HTML in about 45 minutes one night. So I built his website, a rather simple one, then figured I would put together something of a website for myself on Bama sports. I just wanted to have an advanced page of my bookmarks file to share with everyone on Bama sports. I figured out real quick that people liked what I liked, so I started adding more and more...

Like most pages, it was one little page and it grew and grew... and that was before the inception of FRAMES. So I had one giant long scrolling page. Once frames came out around 2007-08, I changed up the page for the first major overhaul of HTML coding to change the site around. In April 2000, I overhauled it once more. Since then, it has had some menu changes here and there, but most of the information has remained the same with added content.

My trademark is that RED ALABAMA HARDHAT. People often ask me where I got it. I bought it at 6-Flags over Georgia in the Spring of 1991 while Bama was playing in the NCAA Tournament. When I was in the Million Dollar Band, I always wore the hardhat on the Saturday morning practice before the game. It was THE good luck charm. The hardhat was undefeated for a long time... remember that 28-game unbeaten streak and the National Champtionship? The Hardhat was there. And the hardhat partook in the championship game as well. Now since I've graduated, I wear it to all the games for good luck. I try and get it autographed when I can... In 2010 however, the original hardhat had taken a beating over the years and is now retired. I have another one I wear now - a little darker red, but it still serves its purpose. I've seen some 'Bamadog' imposters out there with their so-called hardhats (ha ha), but usually if you see a guy with a Bama hardhat on at the game, it's probably me. To make sure it's really me, here are some pictures. My hardhat actually has the BAMA ELEPHANT LOGO on the front with BAMADOG.COM written on the white vertical stripe in the back. So drop by and say Hi!

But anyway, on January 14, 2000, I registered my site and what was known as Bamadog's Sports Page, then became what it is today: BAMADOG.COM. It's been fun, but it's a lot of hard work of keeping BAMADOG.COM one of THE premier personal Bama sites on the web. One day, maybe I'll go public and sell my own website's stock. Heh, heh... yeah right.

For everyone who has visited BAMADOG.COM/Bamadog's Sports Page in the past, thank you very much. I get lots of "fan mail" and that's really what has kept me going all these years. I do get the occassional Auburn loser fan that has to gripe from time to time. All I have to say is... PISS ON AUBURN!! <-- Click on the link!!!

If you need to contact me, or would like to send pictures/newsclippings/donations/etc., send me an e-mail. Feel free to send me anything - except bombs and stuff.... or I'll have to kill you, or send your kids to the Cow College.

I drive a Black 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe with Personalized Plates BAMA 95 (back in Texas)... now that I'm in Alabama, they allow 7 characters so I'm B_MADOG (click on the picture at the top for bigger look), so if you see me driving around Hoover, or even in T-town, catch my attention and say ROLL TIDE, ok? Next year, I may just go with the UA plate and use BMADOG. Some guy in Mobile has the "BAMADOG" plate... if you know him, please ask him to see if he'll sell it to me!!!

Thanks for dropping by BAMADOG.COM! Come back again soon and tell somebody about the site! ROLL TIDE!

Your gracious host,